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“Cellulite revolution – a glowing complexion, smooth and beautiful skin”

Many would agree-we tend to be quite anxious about our skin and splash out on extravagant face creams, facials, lifting and collagen treatments.

Ever wanted to bring same radiance and elasticity to the problematic body areas which tend to store stubborn fat and, with time, turn it into unwanted cellulite? Can you remember the last time you ‘treated’ your lower part of the body to a ‘facial’?

The skin needs to be exercised in order to remain elastic and smooth-HYPOXI-Dermology is a unique and natural method which provides the ultimate means to train the skin. The integrated chambers within the HD-Suit stimulate and activate the skin’s metabolism through application of alternating pressures (high and low) to the skin around the stomach, hips, buttocks and thighs.

The application of high pressure to the skin forces undesired toxins out of the connective tissue, provides lymphatic drainage and enriches the circulation.

The application of low pressure increases the blood flow around the lower part of the body, thus bringing oxygenated blood, enriched with vitamins and nutrients, to the skin surface as well as stimulating the metabolic rate.

This process of ‘feeding’ the skin from within ensures radiance, elasticity and smoothness, and means the dermal connective tissue is effectively firmed, creating long term results.

This method involving alternating pressures is 200 times more intense than the well known cupping treatment.

PLEASE NOTE: It is a very pleasant, relaxing treatment (see our Reviews) which feels like ‘bubble wrap popping’ and is a favourite with our clients. It lasts for 20 minutes during which you are offered a complimentary soothing eye mask and a hand pampering treatment.

It’s a “Goodbye” to cellulite and a “Welcome” to the ultimate smoothness and radiance with HYPOXI-Dermology!

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