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The HYPOXI® Metabolic Analyser is a state-of-the-art modern metabolism measurement system. It consists of a hardware device and a software programme.


The measurement is carried out by indirect calorimetry, a scientifically proven and medically acknowledged procedure to determine the current human metabolism. This method has been used for decades in the fields of medicine and sports science. The indirect calorimetry outclasses many other testing methods (eg BIA, FUTREX, scales) as those methods calculate the calorie consumption via generally valid formulas and therefore provide estimations only.


The advantages of the HYPOXI® metabolic analysis:


  • Non invasive
  • Scientifically and medically acknowledged
  • Very accurate results
  • High significance
  • Simple use

Prior to any weight loss programme, an analysis of the metabolic rate is indispensable. ‘The measurement results form the basis of an individually tailored HYPOXI-training programme including customised nutrition recommendations.




By measurement in physical rest two particularly important values are identified for us:


    • Respiratory Quotient (RQ)=the body’s ability to metabolise fat
    • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)=the calorie consumption in resting position
    • Actual Metabolic Rate’ (AMR)=maximum daily calorie consumption

The metabolism assessment with the HYPOXI® Metabolic analyser is done by examining one’s breathing. The breathing air is analysed by sensors built into the device. The values of each single breath are transferred to the software and are visible on the monitor in real time.


Within only 5 minutes, the software produces analysis about one’s individual energy requirements and the efficiency of one’s metabolism, ie the body’s natural ability to burn fat, by measuring the relation between the carbon dioxide (CO2) that is exhaled and oxygen (O2) that is inhaled. Thus, the energy turnover as well as the oxidation rates (RQ) of fat and carbohydrates are determined.




You breath calmly into a mouth piece whilst sitting down. The HYPOXI® Metabolic Analyser will immediately calculate various values based on frequency, volume and composition of breathing gases. They include your energy requirements whilst resting. Oxygen absorption and the profile of substances burned through metabolism will indicate if you burn more sugar or fat. We also assess WHR (Waist to Hip Ratio) and BMI. This value tells you if, and how much, fat has accumulated in the typical problem areas, such as buttocks, thighs, hips and stomach. All the data will constitute your current metabolism profile.




Your body knows best what it requires to lose weight!

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