“Fall in love with yourself again…”


Once you embark on a HYPOXI® journey-you are in the best hands. The unique approach of the HYPOXI-Method uses specially designed training equipment which is only available at authorised HYPOXI-Studios. Our clients are closely supervised by an extensively trained HYPOXI-Coach, who has a wealth of knowledge in the fields such as nutrition and the body’s metabolic process. We will tailor the HYPOXI® programme towards YOUR personal goals as well as provide you with individual advice on exercise and nutrition to ensure the highest quality of service. Providing you with constant supervision and guidance, your HYPOXI-Coach will ensure you achieve the best results possible.

During your HYPOXI-Training Course appointments are arranged to facilitate your diary, hence no waiting is required. Flexible duration of the training programme enables individual targets to be adjusted over 4-12 weeks, depending on which programme you decide to choose and your body’s natural ability to burn fat.


Naturally, in order to achieve the best results with ANY weight management training/method (be it HYPOXI®, gym, running, tennis, boot camps, etc), it is recommended that you maintain a healthy balanced diet. There is no requirement of a strict diet. Simply a diet which includes plenty of fruit and vegetables to ensure supply of the vitamins and minerals, multi grain products as opposed to processed foods and white flour products as the latter are similar to the intake of pure sugar in the sense that they are readily absorbed into the blood stream and rapidly raise sugar levels in the body. This impedes the fat burning process. It is also highly important to consume plenty of water as it accelerates the transport of fatty acids thus assisting us in our task of getting rid of unwanted inches, whilst also bringing radiance to our complexion.

Extensive advice outlining a full plan to keep you in the fat burning zone and to keep your metabolic rate high will be provided by your HYPOXI-Coach.


Your HYPOXI® sessions will last between 20-50 minutes depending on your choice of treatments.

HYPOXI-Dermology-20 mins
S120, L250, Vacunaut-30 mins

It is recommended that you commit to THREE sessions per week, preferably on alternating days, to maximise the results as this is the number of sessions required to keep the body in the fat burning zone. For optimum results we recommend a course of 12 treatments for those that are new to the HYPOXI-Method.

You will need to wear/bring with you a pair of leggings/loose jogging bottoms, a top or a t-shirt, socks and trainers. Water and a wide range of green tea are complimentary.

It’s a “Goodbye” to self-doubt and a “Hello” to self-worth!

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